Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Red Latania - Bosque

Next to the carnauba palm with the wasp residents is a Latania commersonii palm, as pictured in the image. This particular individual isn't doing all that well because the clay soil is extremely poor. I've added some organic fertilizers but it's difficult for the palm roots to penetrate the ground. While this individual isn't anything to brag about, it has a couple of relatives attracting a lot of attention in Santarém. One I gave to the "Portuguese", nickname for a big fellow with a green thumb. He planted it in just the right place in his nursery, which is in his big backyard here in the city. Sandy soil + lots of organic material from an old compost bin. The palm has grown to more than three meters and catches everyone's eye as they walk the narrow paths in the nursery. The Portuguese tells me that many people want to buy it. No way! He's waiting for the day when it begins to produce seeds. He should make a mint from the seedlings. The second Latania, I gave to UNIMED, a health plan group managed by associated physicians. This was more recent, but the palm is in a very visible in front of the UNIMED building on a major street and it's doing as well as the other one. I already have people asking if I have more! The fame is so great, I may dig up the one at the Bosque and transfer it to a more suitable environment.

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