Thursday, January 10, 2008

Mararu - barbecue

While the office party continued on the other side of the Assis house, Aurea and I made ourselves at home with the kitchen team. Food included beef from the Assis ranch up on the Planalto ... and was it good! I've never seen such huge portions of meat being barbecued at the same time. As you can see in the image, this piece included most of the ribcage of the animal. What impressed me most from talking with Sr. Assis was that he's involved in reforestation on his ranch lands. He admits to having deforested a sizable amount of land in order to create pasture land, but now he's determined to reforest at least part of it. We joked about cutting trees because his wife wants to cut the jack fruit tree right next to the porch area where we were sitting. Why? Because one of the fruits had fallen from the tree onto her shoulder! Those are big heavy fruits. She's lucky not to have broken her shoulder blade. Regardless, we joked about the matter and came to the conclusion that it's better to cut the wife, but leave the tree. Some male chauvinistic blabber following cold beer!

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