Thursday, January 17, 2008

Frogs - accidents happen

Speaking of frogs, I found the drying-up remains of this poor little devil on the ground outside the reception center two days ago. It appears to be one of the high jumping, stringy tree frogs, and not the gigantic cane toad that produces the foam nests described previously. My guess is that it may have gotten squashed by someone opening the sliding metallic windows of the reception center. They are forever hiding out in the darkest secluded spots they can find. Their favorite place for hanging out is in the toilette vases, which can produce surprises for visitors wanting to use a bathroom. Some women folk have been known to jump higher than the frogs when they discover moving bodies under their rear ends. I get the feeling that most people are psyched up for unknown adventures because I haven't heard any screams coming from the bathrooms. But people do talk about the happenings, as one lady did. I asked her if the frog scared her, or did she scare the frog? Some jungle humor!

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