Friday, January 18, 2008

Reader's choice

If you've caught some of my blog posts in recent weeks, you know that towards the end of the dry season we drilled a well in hopes that we could provide water to a lot of thirsty plants and trees around the Bosque reception center. Having found plenty of water at 60 meters, I placed a 2,000 liters water box on a simple tower affair. The box, which in reality is round, was a bright blue fiberglass container that took front stage to everything else around the area. A regular reader of my blog wrote me confidentially suggesting that I find a way of hiding the thing, maybe with vines. To be honest about it, I couldn't get too concerned about the issue because I was too busy getting the system set up. Later, I realized that she was absolutely right. So right that I didn't want to wait around a year or so for vines to cover the water box. We ended up painting the container green! Colors create miracles! It now looks half the seize it did with the original color of bright blue. Cleuson took advantage of being "topside" to paint Bosque Santa Lúcia on the side.

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