Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Wild is wild, part 3

In the same article ( O Impacto) about a black-caiman eating a fisherman, Gerciene Belo writes about two large anaconda snakes found in our city of Santarém. The one shown in the newspaper article above was found in the Maracanã area by local dwellers. It measured 5 meters in length. Another one was at the Banco do Brasil Recreation Center closer to downtown. When I saw the picture above, I thought to myself that the snake was certainly not well fed. Gerciene went on to say in his article that local biologists point to the devastation of the native habitat of these animals as the cause for their invasion of urban areas. They're looking for something called food.

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Lais Paiva Amoedo said...

I was amazed with this story of the snake and the alligator too.
I hope that nothing more than ill will.
Do not have it in forest, right? Because I was there, and I want to come back soon .. : P

= /

obs: perdoe-me pelo inglês as vezes improvisado!