Sunday, March 02, 2008

Frogs, as tadpoles

Next to the foam nest shown in the previous post, I discovered more tadpoles in a more advanced stage of development. The mud hole that hosted them was drying up fast, given that it hadn't rain for a few days. I thought they might be in trouble, but nature came to the rescue that night. It rained and rained .. and rained. Frogs seem to have a fix on the weather.


Sandpiper said...

What an interesting photo. I like that you get right up on nature like this. That's the way to do it! Do you do any macro photography? I'm going to give it a try this spring when there is something more interesting to take pictures of.

Steven Alexander said...

I don't know much about photography and I don't have a professional camera. It's a HP compact digital that I like a lot (mainly because one of my sons gave it to me)but it doesn't have a lot of macro options. I take a lot of pixes and hope that one will be usable. I used to have a compact Fuji digital that was great for closeup work but it broke down.