Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Santarém - Riverboat Town, continued

The weather was quite appropriate for the presentation of my book, Santarém - Riverboat Town (refer to the previous post) this past Saturday. A riverboat or canoe would have been a better mode of transportation for getting around than a vehicle. Everything was flooded from the abundant rains in the region, even places on BR-163, the Santarém-Cuiabá Highway. Entire streets in the city were washed away, walls toppled and houses flooded. At Bosque Santa Lúcia, water came up over the footbridge and access to area became impossible for smaller vehicles. Even today, low areas on the dirt road going into Poço Branco and beyond are under water and there are still a lot of big clouds rolling in with the easterly trade winds. It's that time of year when we get all the rain we want and then some. Photographer from Belém, Lais Paiva Amoedo, captured the mood of two of the largest rivers in the world, the Amazon and Tapajós Rivers, at the book signing ceremony as they passed by and under the Santarém Tourism Center on the city waterfront. I mean to tell you that there's a lot of water out there and water levels will continue to raise for a few more weeks. It's quite possible that the city waterfront will be completely flooded this year.

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Lais Paiva said...

I hear daily on the situation of heavy rainfall there, even. The city must be in a state of alert!
But this picture is very beautiful, despite the long closed and combines with the book. :)
Mr. Steven was a pleasure to have been at the launch of his book. And everything there is good!

A hug.

desculpa se meu inglês talvez não seja dos melhores