Saturday, March 15, 2008

Delano Riker, part 2

There are several months of the year in this part of the Amazon when we eat dust and pray for rain. Then there several months of the year when we breath water and pray for sun! The day of Delano Riker's funeral was one of them. It had poured during the night and then started up again early morning. When I got to the Baptist church, where Delano's body was placed for public visitation, it was raining very hard. The burial was scheduled for 10:00, but at approximately 10:15, the rain let up. It's only two blocks up to the cemetery from the church, so the procession got there before wetness set in again. Image, the Military Police Calvary waiting in the rain for the procession to begin. It was impressive to see how horses and riders stood up under more than an hour of heavy rain without hardly batting an eyelash. To be continued.

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