Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Colors of cacao leaves

Early morning sun lights up cacao (Theobroma cacao) leaves at the Tapajós National Forest.


bret said...



My name is Bret. I am considering moving to Santarem, my wife is orginally from Santarem. She is the daughter of the late (Joao "GiGi Alho).

I have a few questions on the cost of living.

What is your average cost of the following if you don't mind providing the information:

Electic Bill


Cable TV or Satellite TV

Other Utilities


Other costs that individuals will have.

I have been to Santerem every year for the last 7 years for about a month everytime.

I also realize that the dollar is getting killed by the real.... but maybe the dollar will bounce back.

Thanks for any information you can provide.

Also will be down in June maybe we can get together for a beer!

Thanks again,


Steven Alexander said...

Bret, I think we've met some years ago. I knew GiGi Alho and we're friends with Dr. Rui and Family. I'm trying to remember your wife's name, Dhea, or something like that? Seems you are or were military? Hope I'm not confusing you with another family member. Send me a private message at I'll try to answer you questions. Abracos

Sandpiper said...

Outstanding light on this picture. Worthy of a print and frame!