Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Wild is wild, part 2

The journalist writing this article about a black-caiman eating a fisherman is Gerciene Belo for the local newspaper, O Impacto. This edition was published on February 29, 2008. I assume that the pictures featured on the front page of O Impacto are also his, but there are no credits given. Likewise, dates of the event were not given. To summarize the article, this happened in a community near Faro and Nhamundá, close to the borders of our State, Pará with the State of Amazonas. The victim of the giant black-caiman of 6 meters was a fisherman by the name of Manoel Sebastião, 53 years old. He had been missing two weeks after leaving home to fish for the family. The possibility of having been attacked and consumed by a caiman was suspected, given that his body hadn't been found. Then the killer caiman attacked another fisherman, which led the community to ask permission of IBAMA (The Office of Environment) to kill the beast, which they did. Inside the caiman of 200 kilos was the body of Manoel Sebastião, as shown in the newspaper picture.

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