Monday, September 01, 2008


Well, here we are in September again. This one isn't any different than any other, in terms of weather. We're well into our summer (verão), which is the dry season for this part of the Amazon. It seldom rains, so it's very necessary to water plants and newly planted trees. What's different about this September is that we now have a well at Bosque Santa Lucia and electricity to run the pump. Plus, we now have a full time employee to get the water where it's needed. These are dramatic novidades for me because over the last 25 years I've kept things alive by literally hauling water from the city in whatever vehicle I had at the time. I couldn't begin to provide the water that plants needed. A liter here, a half-liter for this plant. This one doesn't get water today. So it went ... and needless to say, I lost many plants from season to season. It's now another world having a plentiful supply of water. Attached image: clay-like soils out in the open crack open this time of the year.

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SAPhotographs said...

You are being spoilt with all this modern technology Steven, next it will be microwaves and TV if you are not careful. LOL!!