Monday, September 29, 2008


The necessary electrons needed to publish a blog post from my own computer have returned to my modem. I discover that the cell phone company had cut our subscription because the bill was due on October 10th and it was paid only on the 12th. We received the bill via the mail on the 12th! This happens a lot here in the interior. A credit card bills arrives late, making for some hefty fines. The company doesn't consider it their problem that the mail system is slow. To get around having to pay fines, one needs to call the credit card company to ask for the amount that is on your bill somewhere in the mail. Then one needs to go to a bank, stand in line for awhile to make the payment.

Image: cashew fruits partially eaten by birds. Technically, the nuts are the fruit. What we call "fruit" is the swollen stem above the nuts.

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