Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Last of the fish, continued

This is the waterhole, where Cleuson and Bimba removed more than 400 fish just two days ago. My picture was taken in June, when the ancient creek bed area dried up, leaving this small body of water. The area around it is very much bare, the result of being under water for about 5 months. The story goes that the community of Poço Branco got together to dig a well in this particular spot because there was evidence of a spring that would keep everyone in water for the long summer months. From what I understood of community lore, the volunteer diggers got into some discussion that could not be resolved, so the digging was abandoned. When we bought the property in 1981, the well was much deeper than it is today. Over the years, mud has almost filled up the old well. It's amazing that so many fish could survive in such a small area.

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