Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Cláudio Serique

I had a note from Cláudio Serique telling me that I had misspelled the word caruara in previous posts about the muiratinga tree. Cláudio is owner of a school of English in Santarém and has an eagle eye for misspelled words, no matter what the language. I guess that explains why I couldn't find any references on the topic. I'll be going back to those posts to correct my mistakes. By the way, Cláudio mentions in his comment that the caruara (that oddity that's associated with the muiratinga tree) is often given to the bride as a present on the day of her wedding. The attached image was taken at Bosque Santa Lúcia.


SAPhotographs said...

Now that is a quaint custom. Is it a symbol of fertility Steven?

GingerV said...

this is a beautiful photo.
Thank God Cláudio never visits my blog - I find my own mistakes when I am lucky and sometimes get told to spell chekc.... which I do. Anyway the photo is great.