Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Lucky bridge, continued

I forgot to mention that some of the branches of the pau mulato tree (Calycophllum spruceanum) also came down over the bridge. I was thrilled to see the fruit of the tree, per attached image. This is the first time I've seen them up close. In the past, I've included some posts in my blog about this tree. It's called an "ironwood" because of the high density of the wood. It's a favorite for making charcoal because it produces long-lasting hot coals. It was also the favorite wood for feeding the boilers of the old paddle-wheeled steamships.


SAPhotographs said...

That was a piece of luck Steven!! It could so easy have caused you damage to the lovely bridge. Very lovely flowers too.

Steven Alexander said...

> Joan, are these flowers, or seedpods? I'll look again. I think they're seedpods. Small ones at that. I didn't provide any idea as to the size. Maybe one inch long.