Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Last of the fish

In earlier posts I've shown images of the ancient creek bed at Bosque Santa Lucia, now known as the baixada (low area - flooded area). Synchronized with our very pronounced dry season and rainy season, this area is either flooded, or completely dry. At the peak of the dry season, the surrounding area can be almost desert-like due to weeks and sometimes months without rain. As the flooded area dries up, many fish are left stranded. They become food for the vultures. The last survivors take refuge in a hole that used to be an open well. Some years this refuge also tries up, which is taking place right now. Cleuson and Bimba (care-taker for the neighboring farm) got together day before yesterday to save this lot of fish. Amazing, but they rescued more than 400 fish from that small hole. They were taken across the road to a spring-fed body of water called Poço Branco. Only two species of fish were noted, per image. The large fish is acari and the smaller one, tamuatá, the famous walking catfish. Next image.


SAPhotographs said...

Great save by the two men Steven and an amazing amount of fish in a small well.

Arthur Alexander said...

Curious that we have visited the place and I saw some fishes trying to swim in the mudhole, but I didn't expect to see such a large fish surviving there.