Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Last of the fish, continued

Another look at the two species of fish found in the old well in the ancient creek bed that gets flooded during the rainy season. The one at the top of the image is tamuatá, the famed walking catfish. A Brazilian biologist told me that this little mud-loving fish is capable of "walking" up to 18 kilometers. I guess a lot would depend on the terrain, but it seems like quite a distance. I can personally testify that I've seen them moving about on the ground around the old well. More recently I've been looking for them in order to get a photograph, but nothing. I appreciate Cleuson and Bimba holding back five of the fish for me to see. We placed them in a concrete water box next to the front porch of the reception center. Nearly 400 found a new home in the old Poço Branco waterhole. I'll see if I can find a photograph of that place.

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