Saturday, September 27, 2008

Last of the fish, continued

I´m still limping away at one of the local internet cafes in Santarem, but I´ve discovered that things could be worse. The place is airconditoned, music from a radio station and pretty girls to serve the coffee. What? Me worry?

Getting back to the fish, I reported that my caretaker, Cleuson, and our neighbor removed around 400 of them from a drying up hole at the Bosque. They were taken to the Poço Branco water hole, attached image, across the road, where they won´t be lacking for water. It´s a dirty looking, muddy water, but that´s what these fish like. As we get into the rainy season, the water levels of the water hole will raise and eventually overflow into the old creekbed and ajoining depressions. As mentioned in other posts, there are no rivers or creeks in the immediate planalto area. This waterhole has served even Indian civilizations thousands of years ago. Over the last one-hundred years it has been the major source of water for homesteaders. When we bought the Bosque property back in 1981, it was still the source of drinking water for many families in the area. In the last decade, more and more wells have been dug and today it´s used more for watering the neighbor´s cattle.

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