Friday, August 08, 2008

Marilha's garden, continued

Green onions in the foreground with macaxeira (manioc) in the background. There are some veggies right in front of the green onions but I can't remember what. Maybe radishes. Green onion tops seem to be the essential ingredient for any kind of food made here. Many times the cook will throw the onion bulbs away. Yep, that's what I said. In the United States, I think we do the opposite.


SAPhotographs said...

....and then you get people from backward countries like mine who use both parts of it. LOL!!

GingerV said...

as a cook with 45 years experience - I say in the USA we are known to use the complete green onion. in fact cleaned and left in cold water for a bit then served as an aside on the plate, dip the onion in salt and ejoy. Sometimes I used the tops in one dish and the bulb in another (chopped in turkey dressing for one.)

Steven Alexander said...

Now I'm getting hungry. Dips don't seem to be too big here in the Amazon.