Saturday, August 23, 2008

Calabash tree

At last I'm back to Bosque Santa Lucia, located on good old dusty/muddy clay soils. With all due respect to those who love beaches and deserts, sand isn't my cup of tea. The only good sand, in my mind, is the stuff we use to make concrete.

Seeing that calabash gourd at Dona Eunice's place ( a couple of posts back), reminded me that we now have the beginning of some calabash trees (Crescentia cujete) here at the Bosque. Sr. Dagaberto in Mararu gave me some cuttings from his place some weeks ago. Having planted cuttings of calabash before, I didn't have much hope they would take root. To my surprise, most of them show signs of making it in this world. Maybe it had something to do with the person who did the planting, my caretaker, Cleuson. I was responsible for those earlier duds. I find calabash trees full of fruit to be some of the most beautiful trees in the world.

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SAPhotographs said...

Some people are just lucky to have green thumbs Steven. My mother always said she was sure I could take an ice cream stick and make it grow. LOL!! Not sure if it would produce ice creams though!! LOL!!