Sunday, August 03, 2008

Humpback grasshopper

This humpback grasshopper was big enough to put on the grill for lunch. He must have had lunch himself because it made no effort to fly off as I moved in for a picture. It simply kept moving around to avoid being seen. I don't know if there is such a thing as a "humpback" grasshopper. Nevertheless, the name is suggestive. Check out those LONG back legs. I wonder what the physics are of circulation in this case.


Ted C. MacRae said...

I couldn't begin to narrow down an ID on this obviously gravid female.

Insects have an open circulatory system, with a dorsal contractile vessel that pumps their 'blood' (hemolymph) from on end to the other, where it then flows freely throughout the body finding its way back to the other end. Elegantly simple!

SAPhotographs said...

Hi Steven. We have some huge ones here too and there ARE people who eat them. LOL!! Some of these have the most beautiful colors in their wings when they fly although they look so uninteresting when they sit like this. I guess the circulation in their legs must be something like that of the neck of a giraffe...stop valves. :)