Sunday, August 17, 2008

Ipê flowers continued

There are many varieties of ipê trees (the genus is Tabebuia), especially the yellow blooming ones. The ones I'm showing are the decorative species, perfect for the urban setting. On the street that divides the São Camilo Hospital with the Municipality Hospital, there are at least two different species. The flowers look the same but the leaves and seedpods are different.


genghisprawn said...

I just stumbled upon this blog -- truly excellent snapshots of Amazonian biodiversity.

Not related to Tabebuia flowers, I know, but have you ever come across freshwater shrimp or prawns? Most well-known kind in your area should be Macrobrachium spp. (aka pitú or camarão de rio).

Steven Alexander said...

> yes, we have the Aviu shrimp. Tiny little things, but good eating, if you can get some grams of them together for cooking.