Thursday, August 21, 2008

Tapajós, continued

To make a long story short of how we got my car out of the sandbanks and on to Friar Leão's birthday party, my friend Alipio announced that "I'm gonna get help" and off he went by foot into the desert sun at 11:00 AM. To be honest about it, I was a bit worried about him because he's a bit overweight and he left already red as a beet from all the physical activities of trying to get the car up the hill. His wife, who was taking care of their 3 young kids, including one a baby, assured me that he didn't have a heart problem. About an hour later, he showed up in the Friar's bright red pickup with three helpers. Let me tell you, it's not by chance that Friar Leão owns this kind of vehicle. He drives these Tapajós River roads every day. I think that this 4-wheel drive diesel truck is capable of performing somersaults, if necessary. In no time the team pulled my car out of the sand, changed the flat tire and off we went to a dreamland of many friends, cold beer and barbecue. Later Alipio told me that he didn't walk out, he actually ran. I believe him!

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