Monday, August 11, 2008

Envira flower

Yellow seems to be a very popular color among trees in the forest. One can't jump to conclusions when seeing a tree full of yellow flowers, or a single flower on the ground. This one I happen to know. The name of the tree is envira periquiteira (Cochlospermum sp.). I hope I got the genus name right. Notice the trunk of the envira. Those round holes are made by silvery marmoset monkeys, which consume the sap and resin of the tree.


SAPhotographs said...

"Silvery marmoset monkeys"?? I would LOVE to see them Steven!! Do you have any pictures of them? I used to breed the Common Marmosets. They are one of the most beautiful little animals.

Steven Alexander said...

SA Photographs, I have a couple of images of silvery marmosets on my blog. Do a search on the blog. I saw these monkeys yesterday but didn't get any shots.