Monday, May 05, 2008

Passion fruit, inside

This is what we find inside passion fruit (Passiflora edulis). Really not very much except a bunch of seeds and some pulp, but it makes for one of the best fruit juices available in the world. The most common way of preparing the juice here is to scoop both pulp and seeds into a blender, then add water and sugar. Turn the machine on for a few seconds and you're ready for a super drink with strong sedative properties. The concentrate can be used for making ice-cream and other deserts. Passion fruit is one of the most popular fruits here in the Amazon, and the rest of Brazil.


darcey said...


obviously, we don´t know each other - and you mayyyy not respond which would be a damn shame! I am also a gringo who is for now at least retiring from the united states - infatuated with brasil and wanting to live here for some time! I am actually coming to santarém on wednesday/thursday - and staying for about a week/week and a half --- and Idon´t even know where to start with why I am so excited about your blog.

quick synopsis. I´m 23 just graduated college studied neuroscience especially interested in monkeys/hominids/history of emergence of language -- so hyoid was a familiar term.. excited to learn more about monkeys -- ideally studying them in the amazon. I am and have been fixated on Brasil since I was 19, and interested since I was 15... now I´m here -- have been staying witha friends friends friends family in rio grande do sul studying portuguese for a month or so and can speak okay.. and I bought a passion fruit today because i love them so much! and that was what you featured today on your page. Interesting coincidences!!! I have an orkut page if you wish to know that I am not a monster - name is Darcey Hull. WOULD LOVE TO MEET YOU AND YOUR FAMILY!!!!

darcey said...

well figured I´d just finish up my comment --- I´m trying to figure out how to stay in Brasil longer, amd considering enrolling in an academic program there in Santarem to study monkeys more.. or may teach english down here in Rio Grande do Sul to get a longer visa.. and I´m traveling alone so woudl really love company/conversation/contacts/information/etc. If have interest or time, let me know -- feel free to email me your fone number, for example, or whatever you want to give me in terms of information -- I´m hoping to meet lots of people, see lots of nature, take long walks, etc! I´m at

Sandpiper said...

I've been taking a little break from the computer, so catching up a little here. I wonder if this is the same passion fruit vine we can grow here. Ours has a purplish flower and white, I think. My father in-law used to grow the vines along the fence that surrounded the swimming pool. Beautiful flower, but I don't know if it ever bore fruit. I always drink passion fruit when I visit the Hawaiian Islands. It's yummy!