Thursday, May 08, 2008

My mahogany trees, continued

This image provides a better view of the encroaching forest over the young trees planted along the road. The power line poles were being put up at this time and you can see some space between them and the reforestation project. Later a regional CELPA supervisor ordered that all the poles be placed further back from the road and that the clearing be increased to 15 meters. That pretty much ended my reforestation project on that side of the road. The young tree you see in the middle of the image, the one with long leafy stems, is cedar (Cedrela ordorata). This species turned out to be one of the better adapted trees. A few of these were left under the power line.


Sandpiper said...

So much work, so many obstacles, but it seems like a worthwhile project. They are beautiful trees. A shame that they can't put some of the power lines underground.

Sandpiper said...
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GingerV said...

I, once again, second the motion. Our power lines through the forest in Friburgo come down nearly every time there is rain with wind - 6 times a year or so. It seems that it would also be financially beneficial to put them underground - let alone better looking.