Thursday, May 08, 2008

My mahogany trees, continued

One of the hardest areas hit by the construction of the power line was at the old school and church site, which reverted to the Bosque after the community moved both down to the village some 2 kilometers away. I had planted a lot of new trees in this area, most of which got the ax and chainsaw, including this large mango tree already starting to fall (image). I have yet to return there to see what can be salvaged, or replanted. In all fairness to CELPA, the construction teams left some of my newly planted trees along the 2 kilometers of road cleared for the line. The problem is that these survivors are either under the line, or next to it. It's a question of time before they have to be cut. But before that happens, I want to top them out so they don't reach the height of electrical cables. I may end up with some bonsais, but that's better than cutting them. More coming.

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