Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Larva, unknown

Speaking of unidentified critters, Cleuson brought this colorful capsule (pupal case) in from the trail system a few days ago. I would guess that it's a larva of something, but what I don't know. I didn't ask, but assume that he found it on the ground. Maybe a future butterfly? It's encased in a very hard capsule, but shows signs of life and flexibility in the softer part to the right. I put it back in the woods so it wouldn't dry out. Maybe I should have prepared a "crib" for it, so that we might see what comes out. Live and learn.


Sandpiper said...

It's got a nice pattern on it, whatever it is.

GingerV said...

This has a simular geometric design as Indian (american) pottery. I love that you put it back in the forest and without a 'Crib'. if there limited life let it truly live.