Saturday, May 31, 2008

Pajurá de Óbidos, continued

The readers of my blog, Tropical Biodiversity - The Amazon, will remember that I was concerned about whether a pajurá de Óbidos (Pouteria speciosa) seed would germinate. It was the second of two seeds I received from a collector of rare fruit trees. The first seed had germinated long ago but the one in question didn't seem to be making it. Then I discovered that I had placed the seed upside down. Real smart! Turning it over, it began to show signs of splitting a few days later. Then came some green as it germinated! A few days ago Cleuson placed the seedling into the ground and as you can see in the lower image, it's doing quite well. Seed in the upper image.


João Soares said...

Dear Steven and wife
Fabulous, faboulous work here.
Abraços de Portugal

Sandpiper said...

That's great news! Easy enough to make a mistake like that when it's something new!

Steven Alexander said...

Joao, many thanks for looking at my blog. I am pleased to find your blog too. I'll be following your posts.

Sandpiper, yeah, I was happy as a fly on you know what.

SAPhotographs said...

I did read that previous blog and am pleased to know of this success. :)

jublke said...

I've heard of animal eggs having "this end up" (I believe I was watching a program where the scientists were relocating crocodile eggs), but I didn't realize that the same could hold true for seeds.

Very interesting ... maybe I'll blog about this topic sometime. :) Glad to hear that your rare tree finally grew!