Saturday, May 03, 2008

High waters, the rivers

I find it a bit early, but I read in some newspaper report that the flood levels of the Amazon and Tapajos Rivers are beginning to drop. The peak reached at about 8.5 meters, which is high, but not to the point of flooding the streets in front of the city. It's worth noting that we have 6 months of raising waters and 6 months of lowering water levels. It doesn't really matter how much rain we get locally, the river levels go up and down in this manner. The Amazon acts as a water box for more than 1,100 rivers before it empties into the Atlantic Ocean. If it didn't rain a drop in this immediate region, the rivers would continue to do their things. I took this picture of fishermen in their canoe in front of the city less than a week ago.


Aaron said...

Hi Steven,

Do you have an email address that I could contact you at? I'm traveling to the Amazon in November and was hoping to ask you a few questions.

My email is flamesrock you.know.what gmail dotcom


Steven Alexander said...

Aaron, my e-mail address is