Saturday, May 03, 2008

Pajurá de Óbidos, second seed

If you've followed some of my more recent posts on tropical fruits, you'll remember that I came by two seeds of a relative rare tree called pajurá de Óbidos (Pouteria speciosa). One of the seeds germinated some weeks ago and the seedling is already in the ground. I was beginning to wonder about the viability of the second seed when I discovered that I had placed it upside down in the vase. When I saw that there were signs of a possible root, instead of leaves, developing topside, I realized that I had goofed. After turning it over, the seed started splitting and is now producing some leaves. It seems to be more timid than the first seed, but it looks like it's going to make it. Marco Lacerda, a fruit tree collector in Rio de Janeiro tells me that I should plant all the pajurá de Óbidos possible because it's indeed very rare. There are two of these trees on the grounds of Museu Goeldi in Belem, but neither are producing fruit.


Sandpiper said...

That happened fast. I hope it grows into a strong plant! (I like this picture, too.)

Anonymous said...

That's very nice to read that now Bosque Santa Lucia has a second seedling of pajurá-de-óbidos!!! I hope that, in the future, visitors will see the first cultivated fruits of Pouteria speciosa in the world!
Best of growing!
Marco Lacerda