Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Colors of Soybeans

As I started walking up my neighbor's service road to get back to the Bosque reception center, I heard the motor and clanging of a tractor coming in my direction. I had stopped to take a picture of some African mahoganies trees when the driver showed up pulling a huge tank of some liquid to spray on the field of soybeans. He jumped of the tractor and within seconds lowered the long arms of the spraying apparatus. He seemed surprised and not too happy to see me there taking pictures. I introduced myself as a neighbor and explained that I was checking out the trail system that had been invaded by desperate drivers looking for the easiest access to the highway. He replied that they were having the same problem, which was an understatement. As fast as he had gotten off the tractor, he was back on it and the spraying started. You can see it in the attached image, in the far distance. I take it that the liquid being applied to the soybean plants was that of insecticide. I was going to get a good whiff of it in a few minutes. Next.


Sandpiper said...

Good story! I wonder what he thought when he first saw you taking pictures.

Steven Alexander said...

I guess I took him by surprise as he came around the corner. Maybe I would have the same expression if it had happened to me.