Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Gil Serique's book

I'm remiss in not having announced the publication of Gil Serique's book on birds in the Amazon. At last a guidebook for the more common birds of the region ... and written by a local birder and photographer. As a fellow guide and owner of Bosque Santa Lúcia, I know that most visitors coming to this part of the word think they can find bird identification books locally. That's not true, at least until now. It's indeed a pleasure to see this quality product being made available for birders and also for the general public, all hungry for information on the Amazonian environment. I love the introduction to this publication, written by Alan Dean Foster (author of Star Trek, Star Wars, Alien): "Master guide and naturalist Gil Serique doesn't just live in the Amazon ... he lives the Amazon every day of his life. From its teeming, vibrant cities to the tiny villages that hug its tree-shrouded tributaries, from the line of hyperactive ants hunting for food to the jaguar silently prowling the moon-kissed shadows while raucous macaws chorus overhead, no one knows the secrets of the great river and its surrounding countryside better than Gil Serique." Visit Gil's website at

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Gil said...

Thx for mentioning and actually contributing a lot to my booklet. I should let you know that our guide mates are not only learning more about local avefauna but also making a little dosh by selling it to the many cruiseship passengers that visit maica and the bosque.

I am already working on another one for mammals and plants. May use your kick-arse pix???