Saturday, May 10, 2008

Clearing land

At the very beginning of the rainy season, we noticed a few people with a chainsaw coming in and out of a small road that runs through the Bosque. Then a truck with sawed up logs. I figured that they weren't cutting anything on the Bosque property, but I wanted to see where. It turned out to be on a rather large piece of property bordering one side of our forest land. The land belongs to a person we know, who lives three kilometers away on the highway. He had made a deal with some other people from the same community to provide labor for the clearing of some 12-15 acres for the purpose of planting corn, beans and rice. Likewise, the workers will tend the crops in return for part of the harvest. The wood was sold to a person who makes charcoal, thus the truck we saw coming and going. Image: some of the secondary forest ready to be hauled off to the charcoal ovens.

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GingerV said...

The age old question of food for the expanding population of humans versus the continued life of the flor and fauna of the forest. please talk more about primary forest versus secondary foresst. gingerv