Thursday, May 15, 2008

Map of Bosque Santa Lúcia location

After sending this Google Earth map to a friend in Michigan, I realized that it would be worthwhile sharing with the readers of this Tropical Biodiversity blog. I've posted hundreds of images and texts on the blog, but I'm not sure I ever told anyone where the Bosque is located. Start with the City of Santarém at the top of the map. It borders with the Tapajós River and in some places with the Amazon River. Both come together in front of the city. To get to the Bosque come down the Santarém-Cuiabá Highway, BR-163 to Cipoal, which is 15 kilometers south. Then turn left on the dirt road (now blocked by Maria Lake, an enormous mud hole) to the Bosque, which is only 3 kilometers away. For those adventurous souls wanting to jump in their 4-wheel vehicles to go the Bosque right now, don't. Drop me an e-mail to make an appointment for a tour. The address is: amazonto - at -gmail - you know what. I'm told that this funny language will keep the spiders from spreading your address to spam dealers. I'm not worried, we got plenty of spiders at the Bosque.

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