Monday, April 21, 2008

Katydid vs. Grasshopper

I've said it before, I'll say it again, "I take my hat off to the entomologists for being able to identify all those bugs." Even with the best of reference books and wonders of internet, I often find it difficult to venture forth names. The attached image is an example. I was ready to call the varmit a grasshopper, but then I hesitated. "I wonder if it's a katydid?" Sorting through a couple of books and endless images on the internet, I'm still not sure. My inclination is to go for katydid. What about you?


Mike (tfb) said...

I'm not sure if I commented a couple of weeks ago when I first found your blog, but it doesn't hurt to say it twice: your blog is fantastic! There is just so much! I start going through one post after another, and soon it stops being "exotic" (I'm in Canada, haven't been near your part of the world) and I get lost in all of these unusual plants and creatures, as if I'm actually in another world. Cool! Thanks for taking the time to share...!

Steven Alexander said...

Mike, many thanks for visiting my blog site and for the very kinds comments. That makes it all worthwhile. All the best.

Sandpiper said...

Oh, fantastic picture! I was going to say grasshopper, but I'm not good with these things either.