Sunday, April 27, 2008

Environmental education

One of the biggest events taking place here in Santarém this year is the Feira do Livro (Book Fair). Literally thousands of people circulate through the giant tent-like building that covers the street that divides Praça São Sebastião (Saint Sebastian Square). Áurea and I visited dozens and dozens of shops there this past Friday and to our surprise we ran into a booklet on environmental education at Bosque Santa Lúcia, as shown in the attached image. The book, translated into Portuguese, was written by and paid for by Alice Stein, an old friend from Buffalo, New York. It was printed by Instituto Cultural Boanerges Sena, otherwise known as ICBS. I'm down to the last few copies of the booklet, but evidently ICBS still has some copies for sale.

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Arthur Alexander said...

Interesting you found the booklet in the fair.


ps: I know this nice woman. :)