Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Difficult access, continued

Having gotten to the other side of the mud hole, I met up with Professora Inez, who was walking out to the highway to catch a bus to town. Inez is a retired school teacher, well into her 70s, and she thinks nothing of walking the four kilometers from her home to the highway and back, at least once a day! Being a community spokeswoman, she has been after the government to repair the road for the last several months. She keeps getting promises, but so far .... As Inez started her wade into the mud hole, I remembered some humor told by a lady friend who lives in Cipoal that this mud hole was so deep that the women were having to remove their panties before crossing. We had all laughed about the story. Now, at lakeside, I decided that I wasn't going to stick around to see if it were true. I headed down the road and left the good professora do her thing, whatever it is.

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