Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Going bananas, continued

A more recent image of the two banana "trees" we planted at Bosque Santa Lúcia a few weeks ago. The offshoots were taken from banana trees called prata maçã, which would translate literally into "silver apple". They're considered one of the best bananas around, and, as you might suspect, there are a lot of varieties in the Amazon. Some readers might be surprised to learn that bananas , as we know them, aren't from South America. They're exotics, originally from Asia, as I remember it.


Sandpiper said...

Very interesting root system and you certainly had success growing a plant. I had no idea they were from Asia. A friend of mine in Charleston, SC planted a banana tree in her yard. I was surprised that it thrived that far north.

Aunt "B's" Backyard said...

Well, I learned something new today! That's so neat you can plant those shoots and they grow in the ground, I can only grow them in pots in the house! Very informative.