Sunday, April 27, 2008


When Dr. Valdely Kinupp, professor at the Escola Agrotêcnia Federal de Manaus, visited Santarém and Bosque Santa Lúcia some weeks ago, he taught me the name of several plants and trees I didn't know before. One was ajuru (Chrysobalanus icaco), attached image. I gather from some research on the internet that the common name is indigenous for "parrot". The fruit looks like something a parrot would like to eat. The plant (leaves) is also classified as having medicinal properties in the combat of diabetes and rheumatism.

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Anonymous said...

The ajuru (Chrysobalanus icaco) is a widespread species along America's coast. Indeed, it occurs from Rio de Janeiro up Florida! In USA, this fruit is named icaco (hence its scientific name). Basically there are fruits in three color forms: white (green), red and black (or dark purple).

Marco Lacerda