Friday, December 07, 2007

Thrushes beak windows

To look at the title of this post, you may think that I misspelled "break", as in break the windows. No, I meant to say "beak", as written. Cleuson had told me yesterday morning that a pair of thrushes were getting excited seeing themselves in the glass windows of the back bathroom and that they were hitting the glass panes with such force that they were leaving specks of blood on them. Indeed, I saw the blood. This morning I was determined to get some pictures of this wildness. When I arrived, the birds were already perched on a wooden plank under the outside staircase next to the windows, but they were very leery of my presence inside. Not once did I see them beak their images in the glass mirror, but there's no doubt that they did when I wasn't around. What's even more interesting than the mirror syndrome is the fact that the thrushes were present at the Bosque. I attribute this to the fact that I placed several water containers around the reception center, specifically for birds. The lesser kiskadees have been around for years, but now I'm seeing some other birds, like thrushes, palm tanagers, blue and gray tanagers. silver-beaked tanagers and some other species. The miracle of water!

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Olle Pettersson said...

This summer we hade one, only one out of many, Parus major / Great tit (in swedish Talgoxe) who beheved like your Trushes.