Sunday, December 16, 2007

Kiskadee nests

The lesser kiskadees sure like the Pau Brasil tree next to the Bosque reception center. There are now three nests in the tree and a very active family of kiskadees. When other birds approach the tree, they all take after the intruders like a squadron of jet fighters. One day last week I heard some commotion taking place outside to discover that there were two toucans in a mumbaca palm tree just a few meters away from Pau Brasil. Toucans are famous for gobbling up eggs and chicks of others and the kiskadees know that fact very well. Despite the enormous difference in seize, the kiskadees held own. Every time the toucans moved around in the palm tree, the kiskadees screamed and made flights in their direction. The big billed birds finally gave up and flew away.

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