Saturday, December 08, 2007

Plumber's solution

After finishing up the well and water tower at Bosque Santa Lucia, the next priority was that of connecting water pipes to the reception center bathrooms. There were some minor adjustments to make in the plumbing but as of yesterday, water at last. Sweet music it was to hear the flush boxes (I hope I'm using the right words for the plastic containers used to flush the toilettes) filling up with water for the first time. Per a previous post, I mentioned a particular problem in aligning the water box with the toilette bowl in the back bathroom. My right hand man, Cleuson, figured that one out real fast. A curved pipe (seen in the attached image) solved the problem and avoided resetting the bowl. After testing the quality of the flush, I removed that sign on the water box, which stated that we didn't have running running water. It was also a real pleasure to remove all those plastic water bottles from the bathrooms. They'll become future vases for plants. One more victory!

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