Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Signs of winter

Rain fell during the night and continued to drizzle until mid-morning. I left for Bosque Santa Lucia early in the morning to prepare for a group of visitors from a ship anchored in Alter do Chao, that same one that got in too late for tours last week. Although it wasn't raining hard, the sky was dark and the temperature cool. Quite a change from the norm of hot weather and clear skies. It was also nice to see trees and plants without the complete coating of dust. After getting chores done, I went to the roof of the reception center to see how the baby night jar had faired with the rains. I inadvertently took this picture of some dried up leaves caught against the retainer wall of the roof. Although comparisons cannot be construed, the combination of dark skies, cool weather and leaves reminded me of fall in the United States. I guess Christmas day was a good time to have these memories brought back.

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