Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Miracle of water

I suppose that everyone has the right to brag from time to time and I can't think of anything more deserving than the subject of our new source of water, a well. In just a few days of watering plants and some special trees around the Bosque Santa Lucia reception center, everything is coming back to life. Take for example the Pau Brasil tree (Caesalspina echinata) in the background. It was on the verge of losing all its foliage because of the long hot dry season. Look at it now! It's even blooming. And look at the alamanda vine (Allamanda cathartica) in the foreground. It didn't have one flower prior to giving it a good drink of water every day.

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Alwizbme said...

Allamanda is tough, over here at my place it even survive about a month of stagnant flood... whereby most of other plants died.. only Allamnda still standing when the water finally went away..