Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Lights for none

The name of this post, "lights for none" is a takeoff on the motto of "lights for all", which I've talked about quite often over the last few months. It's a rural electrification program that has brought lights to the forgotten rural populations of Brazil. Our Bosque Santa Lucia was fortunate enough to become a recipient of electricity via this project about three months ago. I moaned and groaned about the many trees I lost because of the 15 meter swath required for the construction of the line, but I have to admit that electricity has made life a lot easier, starting with water that is pumped from our well. Water for plants and trees ... and water for flushing toilettes. I'm reminded of yesterday, when a large number of cruise ship passengers visited the Bosque. They had traveled an hour by bus to get to the Bosque and they needed to use a toilette in the worse way. When the German speaking guide pointed his finger to the bathroom, the rush was on. Not to belabor the issue, electricity and water are now essential components of the infrastructure. Today we were without electricity! At exactly 11:00 in the morning, a very strong wind blew a tree onto the line and like falling dominoes, seven of the large concrete posts fell to the ground. The one in the attached image was in Sr.Melo's front yard, a neighbor to the north. He was watching television at the time. Luckily he didn't have a heart attack. A new pole awaits the arrival of the Celpa maintenance team.

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