Tuesday, December 04, 2007

A moth asks for a ride

As I was driving by Praça São Pedro yesterday afternoon, this large beautiful moth flew into my car and landed on my shirt. I was going to Santarém Tur, only two blocks away, so I decided to wait until getting there to give it a chance to fly off. No way, the moth had found a friend - and me too. I made several stops in town over the next hour and the moth accompanied me, moving only when the seatbelt was making life unbearable. Getting back home, it was picture taking time. I put the moth on the white curtain next to my desk for better contrast. After some posing, it was time to get back to the life of a moth. I released it from the window and it flew off to my neighbor's water box a few meters away.

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Daniel Spurgeon said...

There is a moth here in the Southeastern portion of the United States that looks like that moth- the Sphinx Moth- I think it is also known as the Pandora Sphinx Moth. When I was in High School, we had to turn in an insect collection for an assignment- that moth was my prized specimen- no one else had found one. :)