Saturday, November 24, 2007

Well digging, new electrical box

In an earlier blog post I showed the electrical box provided by Celpa on the inauguration of the power line. It was for the basics of 110-120 living, like lights, television and so on. The electrical necessity for operating the submersible pump for a well is 220 watts of power, which means that the system had to be changed. Celpa didn't charge anything for adding the 220 option, but the wiring, box and other material ended up costing nearly 500 reais, some US$ 290! Fortunately, the cost was split into three equal payments.

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Olle Pettersson said...

It makes me on god mood following your construction work. Yor blog is handling more than tropical biodivers! General complexity of everything? I went to the libraray and got hands on Thoureaus Walden. Have only read about that book, but I think maybe you are on the the same track?

Me myself I have cut of some branches on the peachtrea today!