Friday, November 23, 2007


The dust factor, shown in the previous posts, continues to increase by the day. At Bosque Santa Lucia we try to maintain two spring breakers (lombados) on the road to keep traffic speed and dust down. On the unpaved streets of Santarem, we have the same problem. Local dwellers aren't very tolerant of dust and they resort of all kinds of tactics to deal with the problem. Most of the time a lombado is built up from dirt in such a way that drivers have to slow down in order not to damage their vehicles. Some people do the reverse; they dig a ditch across the road. And then some neighborhoods show political rage in their maneuvers to deal with unpaved streets. I could believe what my eyes were seeing when I came across the lombado shown in the attached image. This exaggerated lombado is probably the work of several neighbors.


Daniel Spurgeon said...

That's quite a speed bump!

GingerV said...

maybe this speed bump - dump - should be in front of the profeitura's house or the Governor’s 'palace'
for a more effective political statement. gingerv