Sunday, November 04, 2007

Petrified Amazon log

This piece of petrified log was given to me by Cristovam Sena, forester and noted consultant on the Amazon. Another forester had given it to him many years ago and I guess he needed to clean up his front yard and decided that Bosque Santa Lucia would be the perfect place to put it. I'm grateful for the donation because it's the only piece of petrified wood I've ever seen here in the Amazon. It's a fairly good seized chunk of rock and it weighs a ton. When I went by ICBS to pick it up, my thought was that I'd put it in the trunk of my car. Hum! I couldn't begin to pick it up. Sena's wife, Ruth, came to the rescue by having two employees help me. Even so, it was difficult task. For the time being, I've left it on the front porch of the reception center at the Bosque. I don't have to worry about anyone stealing it. Most visitors don't notice the petrified log unless told. It does look like any other log that's been on the ground for awhile.

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